Een maandje dicht

Lieve gasten,

Wegens de invoering van de nieuwste maatregelen na de persconferentie van 18 december jl, zijn wij voor alsnog een maand dicht.

Wij hopen u een volgende keer weer op de ‘normale’ manier als gast te mogen begroeten in ons familiehotel!

Blijf gezond, blijf lachen en alvast fijne feestdagen

Team op de Boud

Onze genomen maatregelen voor Covid-19

Lees meer over onze genomen maatregelen voor Covid-19.

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What does Op de Boud means?
It would not be the First time, that we are asked this question. In a local newspaper, Geulrand nr. 11 from July 1985, is an article with the explanation:

Next to the Parallelweg, north of the Railway, between the Bosstraat and Cremerstraat, is a place that is called ,,Op de Boud’’ or sometimes also ,,Op de Bout’’. The Hotel owned by Mr. Nabben is very correct and justified named after this old denomination. Op de Boud is as a name quit easy to explain: it comes from the verb build. Do not think at house constructions but to agriculture. In some old dialects to build means to plough, therefore cultivate or treat the land. You can assume that there once was or still is a fertile, well to cultivate piece of land, where – as mentioned above – a lot of trees and green occurred. Such a denomination, one that coincides with the possibility to cultivate the land is then very obvious.

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